Larry Kluck Receives The Wayne Smith Medal

Larry Kluck received the The Wayne Smith Metal at the Friendship Force of Lincoln’s annual meeting.

Kluck has served a wide variety of leadership roles in the Friendship Force of Lincoln. He is a charter member of the club that was founded in 1981. In his 35-year membership he has been President for several two-year terms and served as club Treasurer for countless years. He also has volunteered as treasurer for many inbound and outbound exchanges throughout the years. He has been an outbound Exchange Director for four international and one domestic exchange. In addition, he has served as Exchange Director for two inbound International exchanges.

Larry has set high standards in both management and administration of exchanges. He strongly supports and exhibits the Friendship Force conviction that we can create a world of friends that can become a world of peace. As a result he has helped the club grow many friendships around the world. His willingness to pitch in where needed in our club has been exceptional. Larry was administrative treasurer for the innovative theme exchange of “Taming A Harsh Land” which four clubs in the Midwest carried out in 2013.

Larry’s devotion to the ideals of The Friendship Force and his exceptional leadership in promoting the Friendship Force mission has resulted in him being a worthy recipient of the Wayne Smith Metal.

Friendship Force International was founded in 1977 by Wayne Smith and was announced on March 1, 1977 by President Jimmy Carter. It is affiliated with no religious or political organizations and is non-profit. There are over 350 clubs around the world and the International Offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

By coming together at the personal level, Friendship Force participants get to know people whose lives are different from their own. An open mind and respect for other cultures become the foundations of friendships that often last a lifetime.

We believe every friendship formed across the barriers of nationality, language, religion or politics makes the world a better place.

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