Women from the Ukraine visiting Lincoln to learn about legislative practices in Nebraska. Open World, February 2017

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Huntsville-Seattle Exchange

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2016 Annual Meeting

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Friendship Force of Lincoln monthly breakfast

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Black and White




The ambassadors who traveled on the exchange to Guadeloupe gave a party for
members of the Lincoln FF club.  The menu included quiche, fruit, French
bread, cheeses, coffee or tea and a rum tasting.

Participants learned facts about Guadeloupe, the significance of wearing the
black & white, and all about our hosts and fun experiences.

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Game Day

In May the Lincoln club had a Game Day mixer led by Hope Partridge and her helpers, Carolyn Kitterer and Kathryn Neyens.  We played Bunko which caused us to move around the tables and have a chance to play with most of the others there.  Lois Pascal prepared delightful snacks and some people went home with prizes for the most Bunkos as well as the least number.

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Regional Meeting


The Regional meeting was held in Davenport, Iowa the end of May.  President Joanna Rogers and Vice President Barb Ridder acted as delegates along with 4 other members from the Lincoln club.  The President’s report will be published in the next issue of the Passport.

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Nebraska Friendship Force Picnic

On June 25th, members of the Lincoln FF joined with members from the Omaha club for a “Nebraska” FF picnic.  We even had visitors from SW Florida FF as well as new friends who stopped to chat and ended up joining us.  The picnic was held at Mahoney State Park and we discovered that it is necessary to arrive very early on a Saturday morning in order to get a good spot.  We took three separate tables, but everyone mixed and enjoyed the afternoon.

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Exchange to Guadeloupe, February 4-15, 2016

Exchange to Guadeloupe

The Lincoln-Guadeloupe Exchange was delayed due to the February 2nd blizzard. Twelve ambassadors from Lincoln, 3 from Ottawa, and 2 from Milwaukee met in Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe on Friday in time for the scheduled Welcome Party.

Saturday was Heritage Day.  Ambassadors and their hosts toured the new Memorial ACTe museum.  The museum is an expression and memory of the slave trade and slavery and was well done in a former sugar factory.  A luncheon of typical slave food followed.

On Monday everyone toured by bus to Basse Terre, the mountainous  island.  We visited the Botanical Garden, enjoyed lunch on a lovely beach, and saw where the British television show, “Death in Paradise” is filmed.

Sunday and Tuesday were Family Days.  Many hosts took their guests to Mardi Gras parades.  Tuesday evening ambassadors treated their hosts to a delicious dinner at a local restaurant.

One of the highlights of the exchange was the Farewell Dinner.  Everyone wore black and white to celebrate the end of Carnival.  There was a buffet dinner and dancing well into the night.

The Lincoln ambassadors said good-bye to the others and flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Thursday for four nights to fun and relaxation.

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Major Award


The Friendship Force clubs of Greater Omaha, Lincoln, Kansas, and Oklahoma were awarded the U.S. Club of the Year at the World Conference of Friendship Force International in New Orleans, November 2013, in recognition of the four clubs who hosted the 17 day Themed Exchange, “Taming a Harsh Land: Pioneers, Cowboys, Indians, and Culture of American’s Great Plains.”

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